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"Working in the trenches with women from all walks of life has shown me time and again that women will roll up their sleeves and do the personal work necessary to achieve their goals. Collectively these empowered women reflect the beauty and wisdom that only comes from spiritual and physical transformation.

​My life’s mission has been to share the insights I’ve gained within my own healing journey. I’ve navigated endometriosis and infertility to mother two children and transition into a balanced menopause. With my intuition and 20+ years of clinical experience, I guide women through uncertainty and self-doubt to greater confidence and well-being. As more women learn how to transform their emotions and tap into the frequency of higher consciousness, their entire community benefits.

​Let’s begin your journey today!"

Dr. ​Danica Thornberry, L.Ac. DAOM
Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Specializing in Women’s Reproductive Health

The World's First Podcast

Danica joins Erin and Sara Foster to discuss infertility, the power of manifestation and positive thinking, how to make impactful changes in your life, and much more.

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The Mom Manual

The Mom Manual Podcast

​How Danica transformed infertility & helped thousands of other women become moms against the odds

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GOOP Newsletter Feature

A Mind-Body-Diet Fertility Program That Redefines Success
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Working with Dr. Danica Thornberry

Telemedicine Consultations

Weaving elements of intuition into the practical science of women’s health, Danica offers clients her experience as an acupuncturist and doctor of women’s reproductive health, creating a holistic approach to fertility that addresses the mind-body and spirit. 

​Each virtual telemedicine session includes manageable suggestions, empowering guidance and a thorough assessment of your particular challenges. Together, we'll figure out what’s holding you back and design a step-by-step plan for your success.

New Client Telemedicine Consultation & Coaching - 60 Min - $400
Established Patient Telemedicine Consultation & Coaching - 60 Min - $350
Established Patient Telemedicine Consultation & Coaching - 30 Min - $250

"I came across a fertility doctor who came very highly recommended, Dr. Kelly Baek, and she said to me the day I met her - ‘I don’t know what this woman does, but so many pregnant women come out of The Seed Fertility Program that Danica created. All I can tell you is go, do this program, and do it to a T…"

- Erin Foster, The Worlds First Podcast


As one of the first fertility acupuncturists in the U.S., Danica has treated thousands of female patients and trained colleagues in the use of acupuncture for holistic women’s health. Currently, she is promoting the gifted team of practitioners at her Well Women Acupuncture office in Los Angeles, CA. where she now supervises and oversees challenging fertility cases. The Well Women Acupuncture team interacts with some of the best fertility specialists, gynecologists and obstetricians in Los Angeles. While Danica's in a supervisor role, the Well Women Acupuncture practitioners are providing in-clinic acupuncture services, as well as booking outcall sessions for embryo transfers.

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Herbal Medicine

In addition to your Telemedicine Coaching or acupuncture session, personalized custom herbal prescriptions can be prepared to augment your course of treatment. Following your consultation and assessment, formulas containing quality-tested Chinese herbs as concentrated, granulated powder are crafted and shipped to your home or prepared for in-person pickup at the time of your acupuncture session at Well Women Acupuncture.

These blends combine time-tested classic formulas from Chinese pharmacopeia, modified for the needs of modern women with the goal of hormone balance and optimal health. Pricing for custom herbal formulations includes the cost of your assessment.
The cost of your 10-day supply of customized herbal medicine is additional.

Book Herbal 20-Min Consultation - $100

“The greatest thing I learned from Danica and her Seed Program is the way perfectionism played such a big role in my life. Canceled cycles taught me that I can’t force my body to be more fertile, and Seed helped me to accept that…finally. The nutritional aspect was huge for me, but Danica shares so much more and teaches women how to eat certain foods depending on where you are in your cycle. Incorporating the right foods at the right times put me in tune with my body; which naturally made me feel more fertile instead of “In-fertile” like I have felt for two years. Thank God for Danica and SeedFertility!”
- Diane W. 41, New York, NY

The Seed Fertility Program™

The Seed Fertility Program™, is an online fertility resource and intervention program that features clinically proven, evidence-based tools and techniques; such as diet/mindset changes that have been shown to improve the quality of eggs & embryos and increase the chance of successful pregnancy. Women all over the world have used Seed Fertility to grow their families and we’ve got the scientific data to prove that women can take back their power over infertility, conceive against the odds, and stay pregnant. Enroll now to start learning how you can help improve your next cycle.

Fertility Courses Include:

Seed Fertility Masterclass

Meditations for Fertility

Healing After Loss

Fertility Meditations

Visit the Seed Fertility Program
Seed Fertility New Client Coaching Session - 60 Min - $400
Seed Fertility Established Patient Coaching Session - 60 Min - $350
Established Patient Seed Fertility Coaching Session 30-Min - $250

“Danica has cracked the code to women’s fertility! Using acupuncture, spiritual counseling, and dietary changes, Danica is able to redirect a woman’s focus and energy to empower them towards conception.”

- Dr. Guy Ringler

Stick It To Me, Baby! Book

An Empowering Collection of Women's Fertility Stories
In this work, esteemed acupuncturist, spiritual healer, and fertility specialist Danica Thornberry examines the powerful role of spirit in the infertility struggle, sharing some of her favorite inspirational stories to reveal how she combines science and spirit to help women open their hearts and transform their wombs. 

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"Danica's wisdom, humor, lightness, and brilliant ability to reframe every disappointment is what keeps me working with her through the years and during the various "phases" of womanhood."
- Susan W. 47, Ojai, CA

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Danica's speaking topics include:

All Women’s Health Conditions

Fertility Treatment


Guided Imagery/Meditation

Grief Work or Emotional Healing

Contact her directly to arrange podcasts and summit interviews, book signings, women’s fertility events or seminars, TEDx or health conference lectures. 

A selection of Dr. Danica Thornberry's prerecorded Continuing Education (CEU) courses can be found at:

Speaking Engagement Inquiries

About Dr. Danica Thornberry

Danica Thornberry is an author, educator, and fertility acupuncturist in Los Angeles who has worked extensively with fertility patients for over 20 years. Her unparalleled success comes from teaching patients how to rebuild their Fertile Confidence. Danica’s online fertility intervention ( provides women around the world with supportive, holistic tools to reframe the arduous journey to baby.

Her Seed Fertility Program methodology has been clinically tested and is endorsed by leading fertility specialists in the U.S. for its empowering daily guidance and reframing perspective that's been used successfully by thousands of women to overcome monumental fertility challenges. 

When she's not working with patients, Danica enjoys writing, teaching, and spending time with her friends. She’s the mother of two teenage children, both conceived naturally despite her own complicated history of endometriosis, a blocked fallopian tube, elevated FSH, and premature ovarian failure. In each session, she provides her clients with unique, firsthand experiences about moving through infertility and perimenopause.

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